Springfield Air Rifle Club

01. The Club year shall run from the first day of October to the last day of September.

02. There shall be two classes of membership, Junior& Adult. A Junior shall be under the age of 18 years at the date of membership renewal.

03. An attendance fee will be charged for visitors.

04. The elected committee has the right to refuse or withdraw membership.

05. There will be no hiring of guns, selling of guns or ammunition to anyoneunder the age of 18 years.

06. Juniors under the age of 18 years must be supervised at all times by a person over the age of 21 years. This will not be the responsibility of the club or elected officials of the club.

07. The committee has the right to test any air weapon firearms on club grounds to ensure compliance with the law.

08. No weapon firearms shall be loaded unless being used on the firing line.

09. There will be no shooting of live quarry on club grounds unless authorised to do so by the full committee.

10. No person may cross the firing line unless all shooting has stopped and a committee member /competent person has given his/her permission to do so.

11. All shooting must stop immediately when instructed to do so. The signal to cease fire shall be one blast of a whistle. The signal to recommence firing shall be two blasts of a whistle.

12. Members are responsible for all club equipment and must not misuse it.

13. Non members will be welcome to shoot on official club days only for which a fee will be charged. This maybe restricted if an official competition is being run.

14. Pellets containing steel or ball bearings made of steel may not be used on club grounds.

15. Any monies collected on behalf of the club shall be passed to the Treasurer as soon as possible.

16. Any member who is suspended or expelled from the club shall not be entitled to any refund. All other refunds shall be at the committee's discretion.

17. Junior members shall have full rights to vote on all club matters.

18. Should any committee member resign, the remaining committee members shall have the power to invite any fully paid up member to fill the vacancy. The position shall remain until the following A.G.M.

19. The committee shall have the right to update, add or amend any safety regulation it deems necessary for the safe day to day running of the club.

20. Application for membership shall be made to the membership Secretary. A period of probation may apply before full membership is granted at the discretion of the Committee. This shall not normally exceed four weeks.

21. Any member who fails to renew his/her membership by the last day of the clubs year shall no longer be entitled to the privileges of membership and on subsequent visits to the club shall be treated as a visitor until renewal fees are paid in full.

22. F.A.C. registered air guns are not permitted on club grounds.

23. The consuming of alcohol is not permitted on or around club grounds at any time.

24. The taking of all drugs is prohibited on or around club grounds. The taking of prescription drugs for medical reasons will be at the discretion of the committee.

25. Anybody found to be under the influence of drink or drugs will be removed from club grounds. Expulsion or suspension from the club will be at the committee's discretion.

26. Any Member or Visitor found to be threatening or abusing another Member of the club or Visitor, will be Expelled from the Club and no refund will be made of any MEMBERSHIP FEES PAID.